Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Persona Non Grata

I haven't been writing very much lately; part of this is because of an affliction referred to as 'writer's paw', but I must also add that my poor feline brain is struggling to keep up with the idiocies occurring on the political stage of this vale of tears. We've had all of the excitement around the ancient land of Greece, where the citizens of that happy place - out of deep love and affection for their Westphalian mentors and benefactors - have cheerfully voted to embark on a journey of poverty, penury, deprivation and rat soup. This has, of course, nothing whatsoever to do with their own politicos or the Moneylenders, whose innocence, benevolence, intelligence and competence are beyond the reach of reasonable doubt.

We also have rumblings in Spain - the land of the Moors, Visigoths and Vandals, who are treading a similar path of woe to the Greeks - for which their own political leaders and Moneylenders bear no shadow of culpability and fishpaste.

Furthermore, we've been bombarded by the the Holy Roman Empire (which is as holy as the devil, Roman as a Bedouin's breakfast, and by no means comparable to an empire) Football Tournament, which attracts the unwelcome attention of the mead-fuelled acolytes of Wade Rune - the incoherent and simian hero and High Priest of the Northumbrian supporters. The other tribes also have their own Goliaths upon which they pin their dwindling hopes and expectations. It has been an exciting time. Needless to say, I slept through most of it.

And now - to crown it all - we're going to receive a Special Visitor to the lovely Kingdom of Northumbria - the home of de-mockery-cy, biscuit and football. Our venerable guest - with the name Unsung Soupcheek - is from the distant land of the Mranma people in the great Irrawaddy valley. Unsung Soupcheek - having endured decades of imprisonment and isolation at the hands of the Wicked Psychopathic Earls - has been able to come to Northumbria to visit the land which long held out the tantalising illusion of fair play, equal rights and de-mockery-cy.

Already, those politicos over here who aren't falling over themselves to ingratiate themselves with this Oriental lady leader are getting restless. Already, strikes and protests have been organised by the Robber Crow, the Herbalists, the Fluffy Equality and Diversity Commissariat, the pigeon psychologists and fish quota accountants. Purportedly, they're protesting at the Savage Expenditure Cuts from Caedmeron and his regime, but this Cat knows different.

They're striking because Unsung Soupcheek represents a form of governance where the people matter and where their politicos are held to account. They don't like that..

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