Tuesday 19 February 2013

Cat Nap

A Post from the Catmeister

I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for the infrequency of postings recently; last week I was on holiday in the Beautiful Land, and I have to confess that it was a blessed relief not to have to listen to the incessant and tedious burblings of the British propaganda machine and the inevitable political posturing. I returned to find - surprisingly enough - that the same obsessions with horse meat are being paraded as they were before I departed these shores over a week ago. 

I still find it amazing that so many people around the globe are reading these acerbic rants, and this feeds me with a feeling of responsibility to 'keep the customers satisfied'; I'm sorry if I've been found wanting in this respect. There are times when I become so saturated with ennui with all the predictable guff spewed out by the mainstream media that my sense of humour runs into the last crumbs of emergency rations. Nevertheless, I've no intention to abandon the blog, although I'm realistic enough to recognise that it will never attract the volume of readers that Guido Fawkes, Cranmer, Anna Raccoon and Nourishing Obscurity do, as it serves quite a different purpose. Sometimes we simply have to laugh at the absurdity of our culture and its leading actors. Even so, I'm more than grateful for the loyal audience I have! Thank you.

I noticed this morning that the page-view total has now exceeded 20,000 - a figure which I would never imagined when I started the blog - from over 6,000 visitors. Some have been trawling the archives to seek out stale crumbs from past news. If it still raises a chuckle, I'm very happy that it does.



  1. Caedmon,

    All very interesting, but when will loyal readers hear more about goings-on in Northumbria from your Cat? Also the Holy Roman Empire (which as we all know is not Holy, not Roman, and not an Empire). Incidentally, is it correct to use 'neither' when there are three things that it is not?

  2. I'm deeply honoured to be put in that company, Caedmon but I'm merely a humble blogger - whereas your cat and yourself are creative.