Sunday 17 October 2010

Deja-Vu Defection

I hear from the monks at the Abbey that a parish in Kent has decided to go over to the Roman fold. That's such a pity, but I suppose I can see their reasons; things in the old home church are such a mess. But what goes round comes around; the same sort of thing happened here in Streonaeshalch a few years ago. There was a huge conference here between the 2 different factions of the Christian church in England; the bigwig bishops of the original Celtic churches gathered to discuss issues with those representing the Roman church (who were the new kids on the block). Caedmon tells me that the Roman theologians presented more convincing arguments that the Celtic ones, and since they won the argument, the Celtic bishops complied, conformed and danced to the tune of Rome thereafter.
But just because the Roman bishops had a better argument doesn't necessarily mean that they were right. Even my feline logic tells me that. Perhaps the Celtic bishops were intellectually and theologically unprepared for the Roman argument. Perhaps they thought along different lines from their Roman counterparts. They should have known their Bible doctrine better and stood firmly upon it. But it's too late now: no use crying over spilt milk.
I hope the Kent parish will be all right and that they won't regret their decision..

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