Friday 31 August 2012

Poor Show

One piece of news I managed to recently glean without Feaxede the Fox's help came to me through the reliable offices of the soothsayers, and Beeby See - along with her bizarrely irrational (and ugly) fiend friend Guardy-Ann have been at great pains to make it known through the Kingdom. It appears that Blaeck Clegge - the Liberationist henchman and assistant to Dagwald Caedmeron (Senior Mouseman of the Tree Faction and formaggio grande of the Alliance Administration) has made a Momentous Announcement concerning their desire for increased taxation revenue. He's decided that the Administration should increase the taxation for the Rich of the Northumbrian Kingdom.

The timing of this declaration is quite remarkable: it so happens that the time of year is fast approaching when the faithful adherents and starry-eyed religionists of the various political factions assemble for their Annual Unfortunates' Outing And Picnics, which they convene in order to congratulate each other, eat the finest fare, drink themselves silly, listen to fine, vacuous oratory, and sing political shanties in honour of their respective gods. This Great Change in policy on the part of the Liberationists is merely a happy coincidence, since Blaecko lacks the imagination to strategically plan these pronouncements to his advantage.

In view of the fact that the Liberationists - who incidentally bear absolutely no resemblance whatsoever to smelly-footed Redistributionists - are the most despised Faction in the Realm for their devotion to expediency and their abhorrence of any kind of principle, this pronouncement of Doom for the Wealthy is a stroke of unmitigated genius. It's even more remarkable when this Cat considers that Cleggo is himself as rich as Croesus, having amassed his hard-earned fortune through the cultivation, marketing and distribution of magic mushrooms and dog tripe. Does a pig vote for a roast dinner? Politicos know how to avoid the taxes they impose on ordinary Northumbrians, and have perfected the skill of avoidance to a fine art. Does he also realise that the Wealthy will simply up sticks and disappear elsewhere, thus emptying the economy of their own riches?

It's going to be fun in the next few weeks...

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