Thursday 18 October 2012

Lease and Fleece

Oh dear me: it simply doesn't stop. As I was on my morning patrol of my substantial empire in the environs of Streonaeshalch, word reached me from the soothsayers that those obtuse Northumbrian Peoples' representatives have been up to their old tricks again. As the Biblical proverb astutely tells us, as a dog returns to his vomit, so a fool returns to his folly; these rascally samples of pond life appear to be very reluctant to learn the lessons of the recent past, having been already subjected to all manner of opprobrium, shame, disgrace, scandal and biscuit for their substantial and elaborate expenses scams. However, they have a valiant champion in their diminutive Speaker Dagwald the Turkey, who's nobly defended their cause and has desperately attempted to frustrate the soothsayers in a bid to conceal these unpalatable misdeeds from the tender and sensitive ears of the long-suffering and impoverished Northumbrian populace. Unfortunately, these unfruitful works of darkness have reached the public ear, and the sharpening of swords has resounded through this Dark Ages realm. What an awful shame.

It appears that the politicos - in an attempt to circumvent the ostensibly rigorous expenses procedures devised since the last scandal about five minutes ago - have discovered that they've been able to take on the role of landlord for their own (luxurious) dwellings, then renting them to their Witangemot colleagues, who then draw substantial remuneration from the rent they pay. The result of this has been a home-swapping game akin to musical chairs. And now, the music has stopped - until the next time, at least..


  1. I suppose we can draw some small consolation in the opportunities this news affords the satirically minded.

    On which subject, what is your feline opinion of the Speaker's good lady and her active pursuit of the public exposure her husband so wishes to avoid?

    1. Dear Mr Macheath, Thank you for your comment, which was most welcome! As for Mistress Shelley, the Redistributionist wife of Dagwald the Turkey, I understand that she is - along with her day-to-day political thespian activities - an entertainer (in the loosest possible sense of the word) who skilfully applies paint to both her faces. However, what she lacks in natural talent is more than adequately compensated for in her indefatigable endeavours to capture attention - and of course most importantly, Holy Groats. This Cat has never heard of her..