Sunday, 24 April 2011

An Easter Greeting

Caedmon writes

As before at Christmas, I'm giving my old Cat a break from his frenzied activities. He's such a busy creature: we humans can learn a great deal from him and his fellows. As Solomon says in the Proverbs, "Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways and be wise." I just wish that he would attend more to the things of the Church - but then, he's a creature who by definition doesn't share in responsibility for the Adamic Fall, therefore he doesn't have the same soteriological needs as we humans.

Today is Easter, when we celebrate our Saviour's resurrection from the dead. This is a glorious day - not because He isn't risen any other day of the year -  but because today brings these issues into sharp focus. He died, He lay buried, He rose again from the dead. History is unable to remove these facts.

The Church has many enemies ranged against it; these are dark days: in fact they are referred to as the Dark Ages by many godly and reflective people. But we are reminded at Eastertide that we are not simply on the winning side - we are on the side that has already won. Christ rose again from the dead - and there is nothing that anyone can do to reverse this. Therefore those enemies of the Christian Church and Gospel are not only losers - they have already lost their cause. They are simply working out their loss in various ways. Of course, the outward appearances suggest that they are winning the fight against the Lord of Hosts and His influence. But their victories are Pyrrhic and temporary. Death, evil, futility and hopelessness can't overcome Light and Life - it is simply impossible.

A Happy and blessed Easter to you all. And may the Light shine with increasing brightness upon us all.



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