Sunday, 8 April 2012

Keeping The Feast – Caedmon’s Easter Greeting

While my ever-inquisitive Cat takes a welcome break from the stupefying inanities of the human social and political realms in the Northumbrian Kingdom, I thought it would be a good idea to take the opportunity to make a rare appearance, and pass on my own Easter greetings to you all.

In the calendar of the Christian Church, the Easter festival (nothing to do with the pagan Saxon goddess Eostra, whose feast preceded it here) rightly carries the most weight and significance. This isn't to say that Christmas isn't important; after all, without the Incarnation there would never have been the Paschal feast. This feast, is the linchpin however, as it commemorates that point in history that secured the redemption of all Christian believers for all time, and for eternity.

We do well to keep in mind that the coming of the Christ to the world was for a specific objective; although He performed many miracles along the way, and taught many illuminating things during His 3-year ministry, the principal purpose of Christ was to face the Passion. It was to suffer desolation and pain, and to die in the place of His people, bearing their sins for them, securing their release from the grip of its condemnation and power, entitling them to join Him in His eternal and heavenly inheritance. The historical fact of the Crucifixion and Resurrection is the anvil upon which mankind is either shaped or irreparably broken, and nothing matters more than an individual's relationship to this.

As our Northumbrian Kingdom cuts itself adrift from its ancient Christian moorings, it faces an aimless, turbulent and hopeless future, since it has been busy divorcing itself from the ultimate truth of Christ. Nevertheless, the Christian Church will continue to keep faith in Him, and will always keep the feast. In the days of increasing darkness, the light will shine all the brighter.

A Happy Easter to you all – and my Cat sends a special purr!


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