Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter In Northumbria

The Abbey has been busy over this last few days as Holy Week has progressed, and throngs of Streonaeshalh people have come to participate in the times of reflection over the sufferings and death of the Redeemer. Today, those sombre days have been replaced by a mood of jubilation and optimism, since this is the day in which the Church remembers that Christ rose from the dead to secure a final and resounding victory over sin, death and the evil one.

The Apostle Paul tells us that the entire creation is presently groaning under the curse of sin, decay and death and eagerly waiting for its final and complete redemption. This Cat certainly groans at the sheer stupidity, greed and general folly of the human race who have had to walk in the soiled footsteps of their father Adam. Nevertheless, the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead is a sign of the redemption to come, and each year the Easter story is a graphic reminder - not only of the monumentally great and victorious event which happened when He rose again, but also of what is yet to come for a redeemed creation. He is the first fruits - everything else must follow in due course.

Caedmon often reminds me that we're trapped between the 'now and the not yet'; we live in the light of the resurrection of Christ from the dead, while walking under the promise of what is promised for the future - which is in accordance with the Divine mind and timing rather than the narrow speculations of humans.

A Happy Easter to all!

CC and Caedmon

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