Thursday 26 May 2011

Appearances and Disappearances

I swear there has to be something special about Bugrake O'Drama. I don't know what it is: whether it's his grandiloquence, his regal bearing, his tall physique and swarthy, exotic complexion. Maybe it's a charisma - or some such will o'the wisp, undefinable quality. I don't know, but there's something...
To the delusional masses who slavishly and unthinkingly fall in with window-licking soothsayers like the partially impartial Beeby See and Guardy-Ann - along with the liberally illiberal, magic mushroom-fuelled Redistributionist Faction, Bugrake O'Drama is a messianic figure: the incarnation of all their idealistic, hallucinogenic fantasies. Their sycophancy would be wondrous to behold, were it not for the urge that it occasions to retch, gag and heave uncontrollably. I've had several purges already...

But as this Answer To All Known Problems swans off in the distance to grace the Franks and other stooges of the Holy Roman Empire (which is neither holy, Roman nor an empire) with his enchanting persona and spread his sanctity about, I'm left asking the following questions:
1. Why has Húne - known as the Horehound - disappeared? Is there some connection between his sudden disappearance from view and Borax O'Drama's visit? Was he one of the Raptured Few? (Perhaps Harold The Campsite was right all along, but failed to make the blessed number himself..)
2. Why has Guffmund The Brown suddenly reappeared from his self-imposed exile when Botox O'Drama arrived? I heard rumours that after his self-appointed mission to save the world from the evil ravages of solvency was completed, he sought and found a cave, and dwelt there as a hermit, living on Witangemot expenses and Arbroath Smokies.

This Bograck O'Drama fellow must be special, if he can make one person vanish and another one mysteriously reappear...

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