Friday 30 September 2011

One Year On - the Catmeister's Epistle

It's nearly a year since I took some tentative steps and started this blog; to begin with, I wanted a platform on which I could air my increasing disquiet with what is called 'government', which I'd slowly come to realise has nothing to do with the representation of the interests of the populace.

Since I don't have the time - or inclination - to delve into the endless machinations of politicians and parties, I didn't consider it my remit to give a thoughtful critique of the latest political fads and the (lack of) thinking and principle behind them. There are other bloggers far better than I at that - especially Guido Fawkes, Cranmer and  Anna Raccoon to name but a few - and besides, I'm only as it were an ordinary household moggy. But I do know that so much of what takes place in the name of governance on these Anglo-Saxon shores - and elsewhere - solemnly invites derision - and if there's one thing that politicians and their paymasters don't like, it's to be laughed at.

So Caedmon's Cat is my own imperfect attempt at a political cartoon, using words rather than penstrokes.

What I never imagined was that so many people would faithfully follow my outpourings of acidic humour; from the various statistical tools I have available, I can see that many of my readers live in the East Midlands, and are probably friends, relatives and acquaintances; a good number of my readers are found in the Home Counties and the North West. Thank you all. And I certainly didn't bargain for an international following; I've had regular readers in the USA, Iceland, the Holy Roman Empire (which is neither holy, Roman nor an empire), South Korea, Russia and the Far East. I don't know who you are, but nevertheless I want to thank you as well. None of you realise how much your ongoing readership means to me.

I want to reserve a big thank you to Trooper Thompson and Nourishing Obscurity who have kindly linked to this blog - and particularly I would like to acknowledge my indebtedness to Anna Raccoon, who has been especially supportive, and has boosted my readership significantly through the link on her site.

Please drop me a line to say hello and pass on any comments; my email address is above, but I've had to modify the @ sign to avoid spammers. Please spread the word if you like what you read and think it would be appreciated!

Your Cat returns next week (God willing), ready to have fun with those unspeakable Trees at their Annual Unfortunates' Outing And Picnic. I can't wait..!



  1. For a moment I was filled with foreboding that you might be finishing up but thankfully, you're not.

  2. No, Sir! There's life in the old Cat yet...