Wednesday 19 June 2013

Cat's Stop Press

I'm sorry for the absence of posts lately, but I've been busy on my patrol duties, seeking whatever and whomever I may devour. However, I thought it might be useful to quickly inform you that Dagwald Caedmeron - the Arch-demiurge of the Tree/Liberationist Alliance Administration in the Northumbrian Witangemot - has added to his recent controversial legislation, which, if you'll remember, was to allow legitimate marriage between homeopaths. Despite the ensuing outrage and furore about the social acceptability of diluting liquids to the point of potency sufficient to produce severe burns (and, of course, whether it was in accordance with natural law), another development has come to light which has in typical fashion hastened an addendum to the newly-framed and deeply unpopular statute.

Marriage between human beings and inhabitants of another world is to be included in the legislation. One Redistributionist politico has already blazed the trail, and the offspring from such a union is expected in fifteen thousand years. It's rather a long time to wait to wet the baby's head, however..

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