Thursday, 15 August 2013

Eggs Act Science

Amid all the usual euphoria and excitement, your Cat (as well as his vulpine friend Feaxede the Fox) have recently come to notice an intense cult following around the legendary Redistributionist Dear Leader, Edweird the Milliner.

While it's been suggested by certain soothsayers that Edweird and his immediate coterie of starry-eyed believers in the Sacred Geometry of Redistributionism have recently been conspicuous by their absence from the glare of popular attention (claiming to be taking a long and well-deserved break from their holy business), some sinister forces have been insidiously at work, weaving a spell of enchantment which has produced some surprising results; Edweird has suddenly become exceedingly and embarrassingly popular.

This phenomenal rise in popularity has evidenced itself in his public appearances, where crowds of normally apathetic Northumbrians have gathered to strew his path with brown canine political statements, and to adorn him with eggs. Considering the sacrifice of a perfectly good source of nutrition in these straitened times, this can only compare with the breaking of the alabaster jar in the Gospel account. Strange, indeed.

Your Cat has a sneaking suspicion that he's been consulting with demons - and by this I don't mean his usual companions in the Redistributionist Faction, but those of a more ethereal nature. What else can explain his meteoric rise in popularity, a growing number of his colleagues singing paeans of praise, not to mention Northumbrians spontaneously showering him with gifts and waiting expectantly on every syllable which proceeds through his nasal passages? I rest my case.


  1. Perhaps, in the interests of the nation, it would be prudent to ask the Redistributionist Stringer politely to cease his invocations to summon the Prince of Darkness.