Tuesday 26 July 2011

Felix Infortunatus

Now that the Summer Recess is upon the venal posers of the Witangemot, the soothsayers have been obtaining their thrills and indulging their obsessions elsewhere. There's something altogether unholy and unwholesome about the kind of issues that soothsayers love to croon and crow about. As a four-footed creature born without the curse of Original Sin, I find it very difficult to comprehend the depravity of the human condition; for example, there's been a terrible series of events in the Viking Land of Norway, where a deranged Viking ran riot and cruelly took a lot of young Viking lives, leaving the Kingdom is a state of sorrow, desolation and bewilderment. Like vultures awaiting a fresh corpse (are they ever fresh?), Beeby See and her raggle-taggle friends have swooped upon the issue and have been talking about this atrocity with great relish, confidently talking random drivel about the Viking terror threat. There are reports of terrible droughts and famines in Africa; the soothsayers gravely harp on about those suffering people, but having sailed the seas to visit their distant lands so that they can inform the longsuffering Northumbian public, they don't lift a finger to help the hapless victims themselves. They seem to expect everyone else to do something about it - especially the goodhearted but impoverished ordinary people. Meanwhile, politicos are enjoying the substantial benefits of their various kickbacks, and moneylenders are making shedloads of groats for themselves. Business as ususal, then.

Frankly, I've been so sickened by the politicos and soothsayers (and their devilish predisposition to capitalise on the sufferings of others for the sake of their magic mushroom-inspired social and political agendas) that I've felt sorely tempted to turn my back on the human world and revert to my natural tooth-and-claw existence. Were it not for the compassion and kindness of my master Caedmon, the Abbess Hilda and the monks of the Abbey, I would have gone on a permanent leave of absence and retreated to the wild. I thank my Creator for them.

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