Monday 4 July 2011

What About The Workers?

The relentlessness of the tides of the North Sea and the seasons can only be matched by the inevitability of human stupidity here in the lovely country of Northumbria. Having witnessed the sheep-like manipulation of  supposedly intelligent members of the pedagogic fraternity into strike action because - in these straitened times - the public purse is no longer deep enough to support their indulgent and excessive tax-funded pension benefits, anyone could be forgiven for sitting down and recuperating awhile until the next wave of idiocy appears. One doesn't have to wait for very long...

A decree from On High has gone out throughout the Kingdom, commanding that any new employment be automatically granted to Anglo-Saxon young people. Since our annexation and relegation to our present position as a mere province of the Holy Roman Empire (which is neither holy, Roman nor an empire), multitudes of people from the other provinces have traversed the waters surrounding these islands and have sought their fortunes over here. As a consequence we've been greeted with the sight and the sounds of young people with Slavic accents, speaking amongst themselves in their strange tongues, working in the markets, the workshops and fields of the Kingdom. For the most part, the normally bovine and tolerant Anglo-Saxon populace have accepted them as an inevitable consequence of our absorption into the Evil Federation. To their credit, the Slavs have been generally industrious and willing to take on all manner of different occupations - no matter how menial.

This influx of Slavs - along with other tribes - has been a convenient excuse for members of the indigenous population to find a scapegoat for the current misfortunes that beset the Realm - in particular, the dearth of employment. Since the Great Moneylenders' Disaster - which resulted in the Redistributionists throwing colossal amounts of tax money at the Moneylenders to help them to continue rewarding themselves for their spectacular failures, the knuckle-draggers in the Witangemot who direct the day-to-day running of the Kingdom have announced that there's not enough groats in the Kingdom, since the Moneylenders are too busy sitting on it, admiring and playing with it. Therefore, Expenditure Cuts have been deemed Necessary by the Tree/Liberationist Administration to help the taxpaying working people of the Kingdom pay back the vast sums of money of the loans for which they're not actually liable. Furthermore, the Moneylenders have been reluctant to lend groats to the workshop owners and farmers, and many jobs have had to be lost as a consequence.

While the simple solution for the problem would be to politely ask the Slavs and others to graciously leave their work and return to their respective homelands, the fact is that there wouldn't be a corresponding rush by eager native Anglo-Saxon unemployed to fill the remaining positions. The Kingdom would actually hit the skids. Why? - Because young Anglo-Saxons have been encouraged to consider themselves by their magic mushroom-chewing educators and their over-indulgent parents as divine gifts to the world who deserve to earn significant salaries on the basis of their so-called education. So they won't get their soft and pretty hands dirty. So instead they join the fly agaric-chewing ranks of the Redistributionist Worker Faction instead and blame everybody - but themselves. Bless.

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