Monday 11 July 2011

As Good As Arrest

Well, it's been quite a weekend! With everything that's being going on with regards to the Great Eavesdropping Scandal, events have certainly got out of hand. No sooner had Crown Prince Ruprecht Evil-Merodach terminated the faithful services of his ancient and priapic soothsayer Nus Utherworld, when people were being arrested left right and centre - for alleged involvement in the Great Eavesdropping Scandal.

I was arrested yesterday morning, and I'm just a cat. Feaxede - my fox friend - was arrested yesterday afternoon while researching the local tip, and my friend Lareow - my eyes and ears in Caedmeron's headquarters - has just been arrested today. In fact, every living creature and human being has been hauled in by the Municipal Costumed Thugs for questioning. Even members of that noble and incorruptible institution have been arresting each other. Such fun!

My fellow creatures and I were released from detention, once more discerning members of the Thug Force worked out that we were mere four-footed animals. It had taken a long time for them to realise. Still - it all makes an interesting change, and I can chalk it up in a lifetime's experience. Nevertheless, the Thug headquarters are still surrounded by queues of humans and their babes-in-arms who are nervously awaiting their fate as Investigations continue. So sad. I've seen the terror on their little faces. It's not pretty.

Apparently, this entire debacle has opened up a veritable can of worms as accusations and counter-accusations have flown in all available directions. It's somewhat reminiscent of monkeys holding dung-flinging parties. Jedweird The Milliner, the King Rat and Revered Leader of the fly agaric-inspired Redistributionist Faction has publicly wrung his hands and called for the Prince to reconsider his intent in purchasing the soothsayer and entertainer Beesky-Bee. After all, the reputation of his soothsaying interests is ruined beyond redemption. (Chews, looks glazed and pauses for what passes for thought.)


It appears to me that Weirdy and his pox-ridden, delusional mates have sided against Rupie simply because he decided to switch his allegiance to the Tree Faction during the last (and most disastrous) Redistributionist regime. And since Rupie has a lot of clout and has groats, piasters and ducats by the barnload, he owns a lot of soothsaying interests, and he's quite capable of enthroning political leaders at the drop of a helmet. Jedweird and his kind would do well to watch their mouths: I hear that Rupie can dish quite a bit of dirt on quite a few of their happy number...


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