Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Cyrene and Herd

Following my recent post concerning the unhappy goings on in the troubled land of Cyrene, more worms are crawling out of the bag. I was made aware through the intelligence gleaned from my feline colleague Láréow (who is Caedmeron's honorary rat-catcher) that the powers that be are in what the Pictish barbarians over the border would call "a wee fankle" because of what has been emerging consequent to these dreadful upheavals.

There's a prestigious educational establishment within the Northumbrian capital, which has historically been the playground of the fly agaric and psilocybin-chewing children of wealthy Redistributionists; it is called the Yorvik School Of Esoterics. Well-heeled (aren't they all?) Redistributionist politicians, pundits, bandits and others who like to be imagined to be intellectuals send their spawn - complete with soothers in their mouths - to this school to be indoctrinated into the sacred teachings of Redistributionist ideology. Over its history, the school has produced more than its fair share of deranged Redistributionist shamans, who subsequently spend their adulthood either dossing around at their parents' expense, talking total rowlocks - or infiltrating the various institutions of Northumbria yet to be contaminated by their wild theories.

It would appear that there are certain influential people attached to this august academy who have been found to have profited substantially from O'Daffy - the chandelier-swinging, crazy Cyrenian despot. O'Daffy has bought a string of degrees from the Yorvik School Of Esoterics, sent his son Biffy there to cheat his way through his studies and has given generous amounts of money to his beloved academic friends for the privilege - most of whom it appears are leading figures of the Establishment. Loads of groats for fancy coats. Now that O'Daffy is no longer the flavour of the week with the Powers That Be owing to his recently discovered unpredictable and psychopathic behaviour, the true allegiances of these money-grubbing frauds is coming to light. Redistributionists love the O'Daffys of this world, as they embody everything that they want to inflict on the denizens of this lovely country of Northumbria. It's starting to filter into the consciousness of the bovine and the unreflective herd that there are unprincipled maggots in the apple. Duhhh...

So - what's Caedmeron going to do with these groat-grabbers in view of these scandalous developments? Is he going to throw them to the dungeons or leave them naked to perish on icy windswept crags? Is there going to be an uprising of the indignant to overthrow the vile and contemptible? Pass the magic mushrooms, Caddy boy. I'll give my verdict in a few minutes...

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