Saturday 24 December 2011

Feline Festive Greeting

Apart from the recent news of the sudden illness of the potty-mouthed Queen Hillida (who is currently a guest of - and being closely monitored by - the Northumbrian Herbalist Service), things have been fairly quiet here in the lovely Kingdom of Northumbria. This owes to the fact that it's now the Festive Season of Christmas, when the Church celebrates the incarnation of the Redeemer, and the ordinary Northumbrians revel in the excesses to which they're accustomed throughout the year.

The politicos have - for a short time at least - ceased from their hidden agendasrivers of rhetorical drivel and their theatrical posturings, and each one has returned to one of their fifteen residences (at taxpayer's expense, of course), where they can get under the feet of their harassed spouses. Bless. I'm going to miss them to the same degree in which I pine for sickness and diarrhoea, but I have to admit that without their monumental shallowness,fathomless ignorance and delusional hubris, life here would be a great deal less entertaining.

Fortunately for this Cat, the weather isn't as severe as it was last year, so there's plenty of scope for me to explore my feline territory and check out the local wildlife. It's party time for cats, too! My vulpine friend Feaxede is continuing his archaeological research in the municipal dump, and will also be conducting a house-to-house survey of the chicken and goose consumption in the parish. For academic interest, naturally. He's clever like that..

Caedmon is working as usual, and at the end of his day - when the cattle are in the shelter of the byre and supplied with enough fodder for the night - he'll be joining the throng in the Abbey for the Christ Mass. Doubtless the mead will take a hit when he returns with his friends and puts his feet up. I'll probably pretend to be asleep.

Over the season I'll be taking some rest, so blogging will be light and sporadic.

It just remains for me to send my Christmas greetings to everyone and wish you all a special New Year - whoever you are. Thank you for passing by!

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